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LA Woman Rising

LA WOMAN RISING is an experimental documentary that follows 50 real women waking up in the morning-inside the belly of Los Angeles. These woman are not only waking up and getting ready for the day, but they are rising to make their dreams come true. This uncertainty and hope is what all these LA Women share and have in common, weaved around original poems written and spoken by GOLDEN GLOBE winner James Franco. 

Directed by Nana Ghana


The World is Dreaming Through Us

THE WORLD IS DREAMING THROUGH US is a short feminist look book video for 323’s F/W 17 collection. It’s a series of images, movements, visions, and shared moments related to the themes of unity and oneness, a woman’s divine connection to the earth and to one another, and honoring, loving, and valuing all physical bodies.

Directed by Austin Kearns, Produced by Victoria Fayad