Eleanor Wells

Costume designer 

Eleanor Henderson Wells was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky. She attended a young people's conservatory for theater from the age of eight to eighteen. Studying at Yale Theater and Stella Adler, a conservatory in NYU's Tisch program, Eleanor ultimately completed her studies in Art History at Occidental College. After graduating, Eleanor began a career acting in film and television. Her expertise in vintage clothing (acquired from growing up in a costume shop) and passion for dressing up led her to her latest profession as stylist. She currently dresses clients for stage and red carpet events in addition to fashion editorials in such publications as Vice and Galore Magazine. Her theatrical credits include the music video 'Trouble' for Grammy award winning band Cage the Elephant. 
Music is also a big part of Eleanor's life. She produced a music video for Collapsing Scenery and hosts and throws underground music events. She regularly performs with the artist DJ Harvey and has appeared at such festivals as FYF and Coachella. She was featured in both Vice and Absolut Vodka's series on tastemakers in Los Angeles.

Eleanor will be applying her background in theater, fashion, and events to the wardrobe and art direction of the reception area following the play. She feels very privileged to work with such an inspiring group of women and thanks you for supporting our cause. Enjoy!