"The Parlor" by Adrien Broom

"The Parlor" by Adrien Broom


24" x 36"

Photograph, Sublimated Metal Art Print, Edition 1 of 15


Mounted on metal, has brackets on the back for hanging, the piece floats about 1 inch off the wall. 

This image was shot in the historical House at the Florence Griswold Museum in Old Lyme ct. Florence Griswold was a woman who in the early 1900s opened her home and property up to artists from all over the country, and over the years it grew into an artist colony under her encouragement. 

Adrien Broom is a fine art photographer who's work focuses on the narrative. She creates full worlds either by set design and construction or very specify locations, all designed to tell a specific story.  Adrien has degree's in computer animation and art history. Her work has been shown in galleries and Museums around the world. 

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