"Mother and Child" by Margaret Welsh

"Mother and Child" by Margaret Welsh


33.25” x 31.75”

Latex interior paint on paper bags


Courtesy of the artist and DOCUMENT Gallery, Chicago. This painting on paper is meant to be hung unframed directly on a wall using mounting squares or other adhesive. I have attached it to a mounting board for ease of hanging during the exhibition. The buyer can choose to hang it directly on their wall (as I prefer) or to have it framed.

Many people don’t realize how important Planned Parenthood is to women artists. As a young starving artist, I personally relied on Planned Parenthood when I couldn’t afford health insurance. So I am very pleased and honored to lend my support by participating in this benefit.


I consider myself both a conceptual painter and a feminist painter, and I believe the two go hand in hand. Instead of traditional oil and canvas, I use materials from the domestic environment including paper bags, dropcloths, furniture, and latex wall paint (specifically the “mistake” colors sold on clearance at the home center). Paint is laid down in flat sheets, sometimes in many layers, using workaday methods more akin to housework than artwork. I seek to break through the masculine stereotypes of mythical heroic painting and bring a new openness, humor, gentleness, and fragility to contemporary painting.  

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