"The Goddess Dilemma" byJuliette Shimkin

"The Goddess Dilemma" byJuliette Shimkin


6' x 12'

Oil on unstretched canvas


Juliette Shimkin is a native New Yorker, painter, wood-carver and chef who currently lives in Red Hook, Brooklyn. 

I painted The Goddess Dilemma a few months after I turned 22 years old and had recently had an abortion. 

The then-current Bush administration was talking about reversing Roe v. Wade and I was in a lot of fear about my decision--fear of a retroactive McCarthy-esque witch hunt for women who had terminated pregnancies and that I would somehow be punished even beyond the sorrow, grief and anguish I felt at the time. I struggled at great length with the decision of whether or not to give birth and give away a child or to terminate the pregnancy, and I still suffer from questioning what was right. In light of our current political climate, the most important part of this story and this painting is that it illustrates the emotional process of a woman's choice around pregnancy and abortion. However complex and subjective, the right to make choices about one's own body is a right every woman should continue to have and trudge through without the input or restriction or shaming from an autocracy or religious zealot. I hope this painting pays for at least one more woman to have access to health care and the freedom to make choices about her own reproductive health. 

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